First Nations Knowledge

Indigenous Knowledge: The Health and Management of Soils 

27-08-2022 10:49

Aboriginal land management is strictly based on respecting the identity of Country. Today we see a huge loss of diversity, often leading to a lifeless landscape that can only return by working the right way with our soils. Many Aboriginal communities are now activating traditional knowledge and practices that were key to evolving this ancient landscape for centuries past.

This presentation outlines how understanding the identity and values of each ecosystem through its soils has supported sustainable land management and living off the land for countless generations. From reading the vegetation and soils to understand how to carefully burn certain fire dependant ecosystems, to the lore in hunting and gathering, every aspect of Aboriginal cultural values caring for the people and land — and it is our way forward.

There is an abundance of opportunity to be found within a healthy landscape for our future generations if we all start working together from the grassroots of Country and culture.

Presenter: Victor Steffensen


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