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Landcare Farming Panel 

27-08-2022 13:04

Successful farming in Australia now requires significantly greater expertise across many topic areas than in the recent past. The challenges imposed by climate change and extreme seasonal variation, in conjunction with new market opportunities that reward good management of natural assets for production of food/fibre, means that farmers now require access to a wide range of timely, reliable and independent information. Local landcare groups and networks have historically been at the forefront of providing or coordinating delivery of valued information to their communities.

However, the information marketplace is now much more crowded and there are many organisations and players disseminating information for farmers related to good farming practices, conservation and natural resource management. This panel explores the role of landcare as a provider of valued farming information, its strengths, weaknesses and areas to focus on in future.

Panelists: Natalie Sommerville, Charlie Prell, Mark Stanley, Andrew Stewart.
Facilitator: James Walker.


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