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Marna Banggara – Rewilding the Southern Yorke Peninsula 

26-08-2022 15:25

Impacted significantly by pest species, Southern Yorke Peninsula has lost 80% of ground dwelling mammals since colonisation. Marna Banggara is an ambitious rewilding project that aims to bring back lost species, restore ecological processes, increase the sustainability of remaining biodiversity, and improve livelihoods of local residents. Marna Banggara is a unique rewilding project that is integrated into a working landscape rather than a reserve. Still in its early stages, it promises to apply rewilding principles in a working landscape, where conservation, agriculture, and the community exist side-by-side. The presentation addresses the role of community participation and engaging the agricultural sector; how controlling and reducing the impact of foxes and feral cats has been pivotal to the project’s success; and how, over 20 years, the project aims to reintroduce at least four native species (bettongs, bandicoots, phascogales, and quolls).

Presenter: Derek Sandow.
Powerpoint Slideshow: Marna Banggara – Rewilding the Southern Yorke Peninsula.


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