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Mitigating Hillslope Erosion in Northern Tasmania 

16-08-2022 15:29

This poster will visually demonstrate the Hillslope Erosion Trial conducted by NRM North in Jetsonville, Tasmania, giving the audience an overview of the results of the trial and the environmental and financial impacts of erosion on cropped slopes in Northern Tasmania.

Tasmania's most productive vegetable growing areas have long suffered from significant hillslope erosion due to high rainfall, sloping paddocks, and crops that require bare seedbeds. Satellite images how red/brown flumes of soil being washed out to sea from intensive vegetable production areas following intense rainfall, resulting in the loss of some of Tasmania's most nutrient-rich soils.

The Hillslope Erosion Sub-Project focuses on establishing trial sites in areas of Northern Tasmania with intensive cropping enterprises and high susceptibility to hillslope erosion such as Deloraine and Scottsdale. Soil erosion mitigation techniques will be communicated and promoted through: field trials implementing a selected range of erosion mitigation methods (i.e., cover cropping, deep ripping, ripper-mulching) with methods to monitor effectiveness; data, image, and sample collection to determine economic impacts; field days to demonstrate and showcase hillslope erosion interventions, present results, and economic data; and workshops and mentoring to enable further awareness and practice change adoption.

Trial sites were established to investigate the cost-benefit ratio of different hillslope erosion control methods and build awareness of hillslope erosion. Using these results, NRM North demonstrated the cost-effectiveness of protecting soil from erosion using the Soil Erosion Calculator.

This poster features a QR Code to view NRM North's Soil Erosion Calculator where landholders can plug in their details to calculate the cost of soil erosion on their farm business.

A poster for the 2022 National Landcare Conference by NRM North Landcare.



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