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EcoVineyards Are Uniting Project Partners to Grow Resilience and Functional Biodiversity in Production Systems 

26-08-2022 14:51

The National Landcare funded EcoVineyards project is garnering international acclaim and helping to transform the ecological production practices of vineyard owners across Australia. Forty-three demonstration sites have been established in nine major wine regions across South Australia, incorporating native insectary plants in collaboration with more than 70 partnering organisations – including government, industry, and regional community groups – who are working collaboratively towards a common goal of growing resilience and future proofing production systems.

Native plants provide a range of ecosystem services including habitat for insect predators and the subsequent biocontrol of insect pests, weed suppression, erosion control, aesthetics, nutrient cycling, moisture retention, enhanced soil organic carbon and biological activity.

Through the native insectary demonstration sites, growers are shown how to establish, maintain and monitor native plants for the presence of predatory arthropods, insectivorous/predatory birds, and microbats, and are tailored to each region. Educational materials are being used to capture learnings and accelerate practice change adoption, including the communication of findings via social media @EcoVineyards.

In this presentation, delegates will learn more about a suite of native insectary plants that grow resilience and enhance functional biodiversity in production systems, and how the EcoVineyards project is generating multiple, measurable and tangible benefits including biodiversity enhancement, native vegetation cover, biological control of grapevine pests, improved soil health, habitat for endangered birds, microbats and reptiles and improved landscape aesthetics.

Presenter: Dr Mary Retallack.
Powerpoint Slideshow: EcoVineyards are Uniting Project Partners to Grow Resilience and Functional Biodiversity in Production Systems.


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