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Project Hindmarsh: Reconnecting the Little and Big Desert's of Victoria 

24-06-2022 07:00

Project Hindmarsh, a community-based Landcare project aiming to reconnect the Big Desert and Little Desert regions of Western Victoria with a series of bio-links, celebrates 22 years and over 2 million trees planted since its early beginnings in 1998. With annual plant-out weekends drawing in thousands of volunteers from both city and regional areas, Project Hindmarsh has restored connectivity between these large wilderness areas by revegetating bare areas along roadsides, enlarging and enhancing remnant woodlands on private land, and planting corridors to function as both shelter-belts for agriculture and as bio-links for wildlife. Initially planting in gaps along council roadsides, by 2001 there were no more gaps and the focus shifted to engaging landholders to plant on private land. Two decades later, Project Hindmarsh has revegetated over 1,000 hectares of land, received numerous state and national awards, and engaged thousands of volunteers. “We are building on the legacy of those who planted last year, and the year before, and those who planted 20 years ago, whose trees now stand tall over a once bare landscape.”

Presenter: Jonathan Starks.
PowerPoint slides: Project Hindmarsh: a 22 year journey reconnecting the Little Desert and Big Desert regions in Victoria's wild west.


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