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Propogation of Mangroves: Lessons From the Salty Feet Canopy Project 

24-06-2022 07:00

Hornsby Shire Council share their insights on the propogation of Grey and River Mangroves and their contribution to global blue carbon storage following the launch of their Salty Feet Canopy in the Lower Hawkesbury project. Detailing their nursery trials including seed and cutting propogation, as well as lessons learned from planting across three project sites, they outline the next steps in their project and plans to create a manual on how to grow and plant River Mangroves.

Presenters: Ana Rubio, Simon Dunne
Video: Mangroves - Our Smelly Friends | Hornsby Shire Council.
Video: A Helping Hand for Mangroves | Hornsby Shire Council.
PowerPoint slides: Increasing the Salty Feet Canopy in the Lower Hawkesbury.


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