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Restoring Native Biodiversity To Canberra Suburbs 

29-08-2022 16:30

A small urban pocket park has been transformed from a barren landscape of ecologically transforming weeds into a beautiful biodiverse woodland with a restoration of the original meadows and mid structure that once covered Canberra’s valleys. This presentation explores how the restoration, which is just three years old, is returning ecological services including slowing water and wind, carbon storage, and cooling the air. The restoration is protecting the health and longevity of the remaining mature and hollow bearing remnant eucalypts which are keystone species in the landscape. Bird and insect life are also returning to the park.

There is a great desire in the community to protect the Australian environment but evidence-based methods and positive communication strategies are required to assist the community at all levels to participate. This presentation discusses how low-cost methods can successfully restore declining urban landscapes once covered by grassy ecosystems. The importance of changing management strategies to minimise unnecessary disruption of the landscape and how these changes can improve native biodiversity, bring people close to nature and build resilience in the face of climate change.

Presenter: Alice Hathorn.
Powerpoint Slideshow: Restoring Native Biodiversity to Canberra Suburbs.


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