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Streamwatch: Keeping An Eye On Our Urban Waterways 

29-08-2022 15:57

The Greater Sydney Landcare Streamwatch program is working to overcome patchy water-quality monitoring by empowering communities from the ground up.

Using the NSW Government’s SEED database and the Atlas of Living Australia BioCollect data collection tool, the presentation will outline how Streamwatch is providing scientifically-proven methods to collect data “by the people for the people”. In so doing, the program is providing evidence for authorities to respond to pollution events in urban waterways, making changes needed to preserve, protect and adapt together and supporting social change to build partnerships within our communities to build a framework of responsibility.

The ad-hoc nature of water-quality monitoring across Sydney creates a substantial knowledge gap limiting the ability to enact best-practice management of our local urban waterways. Nationwide water quality monitoring programs, such as the Waterwatch program that Streamwatch belongs to, are helping to fix the issue.

Presenter: Jessica Lumbroso
Powerpoint slides: Keeping An Eye On Our Urban Waterways Streamwatch a Community Legacy.


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