First Nations Knowledge

The Anindilyakwa Land & Sea Rangers 

27-08-2022 11:02

Anindilyakwa Land & Sea Rangers manage an Indigenous Protected Area of 10,000 square kilometres of islands, reef and ocean in the azure waters of the Groote Archipelago. Rangers undertake management activities guided by their deep connection to traditional culture and combine that with the latest western science and technology across both the land and sea. Rangers take guidance for their management activities from a Cultural Advisory Committee made up of respected Traditional Owners from the Archipelago.

This presentation speaks to the extremely vital role the rangers play in protecting the environmental, cultural and social values of the Archipelago and the people who live here - notably, their recent work with Cane Toad biosecurity on the Groote Archipelago and plans for future expansions.

Presenters: Tom Lawton, Constantine Mamarika.
Powerpoint slides: The Anindilyakwa Land & Sea Rangers.


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