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The Remote Digital Monitoring Tool Improving our Horticulture 

26-08-2022 14:28

There is a growing desire from farmers and consumers for their produce to be grown using more efficient and environmentally friendly on-farm practices. A key step in achieving this goal is to find new and innovative ways to deliver real-time field data into the hands of farmers, allowing them to the make best decisions for their crop.

In this presentation, Liam Southam-Rogers from Applied Horticultural Research outlines of the current abilities and benefits of remote, digital monitoring tools improving our horticulture’s environmental performance. Adopting a macro lens, Liam speaks specifically of Queensland, where there is increasing pressure on the horticultural industry to manage phosphorus and limit inorganic nitrogen loads, which are notoriously difficult to measure and model.

Presenter: Liam Southam-Rogers.
Powerpoint slides: Digital Remote Monitoring to Improve Horticultures Environmental Performance.


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