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The Tree With No Name 

27-08-2022 10:35

The discovery of a tree previously unidentified and now listed as critically Endangered inspired a Landcare led initiative to restore its habitat through innovative and unique partnerships.
This presentation outlines how the initiative went about developing a ‘big picture’ vision for the area in which the Ormeau Bottle Tree occurred naturally, with a view to restoring its habitat through the restoration of the Pimpama River riparian area and the creation of connective corridors.

By identifying and engaging a range of partners – from private landholders and local community including schools and volunteers, to local industry (quarries), environmental organisations and government bodies – the initiative was able to bring about a number of positive outcomes. In addition to its primary goal: the local area has increased aesthetic amenity and there are now more opportunities for recreational activities. The general wellbeing and positive mental health of the local community has increased too through social networking as a result of the project.

In addition to outlining the importance of positive collaboration and the sharing of knowledge for project success, the presentation also highlights how outreach is essential and can lead to actual engagement in on-ground activities.

Presenter/s: Bob & Sue Durance.
Powerpoint slides: The Tree with No Name.


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