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Working Together to Manage Fire across Australia’s Desert Country 

27-08-2022 10:58

Indigenous ranger groups are implementing fire management programs across increasingly large areas of Australia’s desert country. While these programs face innate operational challenges, the impacts of these can be reduced as groups come together to share information and resources. By working collaboratively, individual desert ranger teams are building on the successes of their neighbors, enabling them to deliver critical fire management outcomes on increasing scales.

In addition to outlining the inherent challenges associated with fire management operations in Australia’s deserts, this presentation also addresses the importance of ‘right-way’ fire management in the desert, which is led and implemented by indigenous rangers and traditional owners, and how much work Indigenous land managers and ranger groups put into managing fire across Australia’s desert country each year.

The presentation also highlights the importance of working together through regional collaborations to manage these landscapes at scale. Through a growth in regional collaboration, indigenous ranger teams have been able to deliver fire management outcomes at increasingly large scales. Given their success, such collaborations are seen as a critical element of effective management into the future.

Presenter/s: Tim Leane, Scott West, Elijah Murray Indigenous Desert Alliance
Powerpoint slides: Working Together to Manage Fire across Australia’s Desert Country.


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