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Landcare outside Australia - what's been achieved,
Rob Youl, Vice Chair of Global Landcare, and Tony Bartlett, former Forestry Research Program Manager, will share the incredible work occurring in landcare outside of Australian borders, what we can learn from it, and where it is all headed. This webinar will be facilitated by Andrea Mason, Chair of ...
by on April 13, 2021
Begin in 13:00 April 13, 2021 (GMT+10:00) Sydney
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Ladies in Landcare - #choosetochallenge
Landcare Australia is hosting a Women in Landcare Webinar celebrating International Women's Day on Monday 8 March at 9 AM AEDT. In our next webinar in the Landcare Webinar Series we will be celebrating the diversity of women involved in Landcare for International Women's Day! The webinar will be host...
by on March 2, 2021
Begin in 09:00 March 08, 2021 (GMT+10:00) Sydney
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How Landcare communities are responding to various
Chair of Landcare ACT Maxime Cooper and Landcare Facilitator and Project Officer of Loddon Plains Landcare Network Danny Pettingill speak with host, James Walsh, Head of Landcare Services for Landcare Australia, about how Landcare organisations and projects have been responding to the vari...
by on February 25, 2021
Begin in 14:00 February 25, 2021 (GMT+10:00) Sydney
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Landcare Youth Summit Webinar
The Landcare Youth Summit Webinar provides an opportunity to hear from two Adelaide teens – Skye Dunn, 16 and Mitchell Livington, 17 – members of South Australia’s YACCA (Youth & Community in Conservation Action). They will share insights from the speakers and...
by on November 17, 2020
Begin in 16:00 December 03, 2020 (GMT+10:00) Sydney
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Landcare as a business – a strategic approach
Our next National Landcare Conference webinar will discuss approaching Landcare as a business, with tips on how to focus on group priorities, source funding, demonstrate investment, and engage volunteers. Chris McCulloch from Local Land Services NSW will facilitate the session from the Landcare I...
by on October 27, 2020
Begin in 14:00 November 19, 2020 (GMT+10:00) Sydney
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An integrated approach to community land management
Bellarine Catchment Network is situated on the stunning Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, and has been operating under an integrated catchment management structure for more than 20 years. The BCN team works with 30 community groups and organisations from Coastcare to Landcare groups, bush regene...
by on June 25, 2020
Begin in 14:00 June 25, 2020 (GMT+10:00) Sydney
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Making digital tools work for your group
Have you ever looked into digital tools to help your group’s work only to be completely confused by everything on offer? In this webinar, run through the Landcarer platform, Megan Rowlatt from Intrepid Landcare will talk about her experiences with digital tools, what worked for her and the gro...
by on November 27, 2019
Begin in 11:55 November 28, 2019 (GMT+10:00) Sydney
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